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 Strickly Business aka Eric's Turbo Hatch build

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PostSubject: Strickly Business aka Eric's Turbo Hatch build   Fri Nov 07, 2008 12:47 am

Well as some of you know SB AKA (Strickly Business) has been collecting parts for his new setup and the time has come to put it all together. basic parts list is as followed:

B17 Block (Stock Sleeves)
Arias custom 9:0:1 Pistons
Eagle H-beam rods *B16 rods (acts as a small stroker kit on a B17 with the pistons we are using)
Stock B17 Crank
Cometic .40mm Head gasket
ACL race bearings
ARP Headstuds
B17 Oil Pump shimmed
RC1000 Injectors
Walbro 255HP Pump
B16 Cylinder Head, minor port work
Skunk2 Valves
Skunk2 ITR replica intake manifold
ITR Throttle Body
One-Fab Turbo manifold
Turbo-XS wastegate (getting changed to tail 40mm!)
Custom Intercooler
All new gaskets and seals
GSR camshafts
Hondata Intake manifold heat shield gasket
Endyne breather kit
Garrett GT3082R aka GT3040R .82 A/R
B16 Tranny with quaife LSD
RPS single disk pressure plate/Clutch Net 4-puck disk
factory flywheel
and alot more goodies!!!

This build was also sponsored by us(Modified Racing). We are supplying the labor cost as well as the turbocharger, gaskets, and a few misc parts for the build. We do not do this on a regular bases but it seemed like a good time to make a name for ourself for being able to do more then Tuning. There was a few times SB wanted to cut a few corners but we would not let him Razz. I want to thank him and everyone else that helped with this long lasting project... And a HUGE thanks to ATP TURBOCHARGERS ( WWW.ATPTURBO.COM) as without them we would not of been able to complete our project!

The goal is to make just under 600WHP on pump gas with the help of methonal. the stock sleevs are not a worrie as there are more then enough people out there that have made 600WHP+ on stock sleeves. 550WHP is the actaul mark and would be right around the limit of the turbocharger we are using. Well here are somepics enjo!! and keep the flaming out. I have been building motors for over 13yrs and this is a basic setup compired to some I have done. And for those whp duobt the HP figures we want. I have made 668WHP on 93oct and meth on a 9:0:1 compression B16, so I know we can reach our goals Wink

We have alot more pics but I dont feel like wasting needed bandwidth Razz

(941)628-4988 M-F 8am-6pm
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Strickly Business aka Eric's Turbo Hatch build
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