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 Street & Dyno Tuning Rates

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PostSubject: Street & Dyno Tuning Rates   Tue Jul 15, 2008 9:05 pm

Installation & Tuning Prices

Street tuning:
We offer Neptune or Crome Pro in house if you dont have a EMS system already.
Please add $100.00 if using Neptune for the 1 time license fee that comes with buying NEPTUNE
Others systems available on request.
N/A vehicles, $275* for the first 3 hours.
F/I vehicles, $325* for the first 3 hours.
Estimated street tuning time for most vehicles is about 3 hours.
Each additional hour of street tuning: $65(it happens)

Please visit WWW.HRTUNING.COM for info on NEPTUNE
Please visit WWW.TUNEWITHCROME.COM for info on Crome Pro

an additional $35 will be charged for the use of leaded fuel, due to the extra wear put on the wideband O2 sensor
Dyno Tuning: (Dyno Included) AWD dyno's available on request, I use Mustang, Land&Sea and Dynojet dynos!
$175 for the first hour of tuning.
$150 each additional hour of tuning.

Flat Rate Dyno Tuning

Neptune & Neptune RTP Systems: $450.00** plus $100.00** for Liscense fee
Crome Pro $425.00**
Hondata S-units $425.00
Hondata K-Pro $550.00
AEM EMS $500.00
MOTEC $600.00
UTEC $450.00
HKS F-CON $680.00
Greddy E-Manage $450.00
*We tune most other systems as well. Contact us for pricing info.

*All flat rate dyno prices above include dyno rental fee, and the dyno sessions are limited at 3.5hrs.

*Each additional hour of dyno tuning & rental after 3.5 hours is billed at $130/hour.
*Most sessions will also include a partial throttle tune off the dyno if it is required.
**Pricing does not include ecu or installation into the ecu.

Misc charges:
Troubleshooting: $60 an hour *
Labor rates: $65/Hr for(motor builds/Installs,ect)*

Travel rates: usually about $0.35 a mile (Depends on how far you are from me, and the day of the session,(Plz Call for pricing) *
Prices are not negotiable. I try to be fair to everyone, this helps!!

All cars must be in GOOD working order, brakes must all work, tires must be in good condition, suspension must also be in good standings, and plz try and have any issues like check engine lights or oil/fuel leaks fixed prior to the tuning session, regular rates apply to any work that is done that is not agreed apon before the session!
I have been tuning for over 3 yrs, I have a DEG from EFI 101 university. I have the ability and knowlege to tune with the following tuning software, if it is not listed, and its EFI(Electronic Fuel Injection) I can still tune with it.. I am willing to work with any management system as long as its a safe working unit!
AEM EMS, HALTECH, MOTECH, FAST, NEPTUNE, HONDATA, CROME, UBERDATA, BRE, TURBOEDIT, ZDYNE, ECUTEK, TURBOXS UTEC, GREDDY, APEXI, COBB AND MUCH MUCH MORE, I have street tuned and dyno tuned well over 65 cars, ranging from 150HP N/A setups all the way to 1000HP Turbocharged/Nitrous setups, daily use cars and full out racecars.... I dont play with my work, but rather work so you can play! and play safe!
* = unless included in some other agreement
All prices are subject to change

(941)628-4988 M-F 8am-6pm
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Street & Dyno Tuning Rates
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