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 How To Drift

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PostSubject: How To Drift   Thu Jul 10, 2008 12:11 am


1. Find a car with both, Rear-Wheel Drive and a Manual Tranny. Aim For A sports car with as close to a 50/50 ratio as possible, and enough power to keep the wheels spinning.

2. Head to an open area,(I.E. an open parking lot) free of Pedestrians, Motorists, and most important POLICE!

1. Accelerate and Shift into a gear with room to rev. Second gear is commonly used because it allows the widest variance of speed and is best for harnessing the engine's torque.
2. Push In the Clutch.
3. Flick the steering Wheel to the inside of the turn as if you were going to turn around it. While simultaneously Pulling the Hand Brake.
3. Immediately out some pressure on the GAS PEDAL, and Let out the CLUTCH, and steer the car in the direction of the slide, using the throttle to control the angle of the DRIFT.

More Throttle will make the car turn more, and also move the car away from the turn center. Less throttle will reduce angle, and allow the car to move towards the inside of the turn more freely. You're drifting!


Used while you are already moving to increase angle and revive wheel spin. While you are drifting, you may feel the car begin to lose its drift angle and power. If so, you can kick the clutch to attempt to get up to tires spinning speed. This is similar to powershifting, and you are in escence trying to chirp' the tires again and again.

1. Enter A DRIFT
2. While you still have the power put on, kick the clutch pedal in and out a few times as fast as you can until the car is drifting again.
3. End with your foot off of the pedal.
4. Continue the drift, and when you feel the car begin to lose angle/power try to clutch kick again

i tryed my best to seem all specific, took some of it from a website, but most from dee brain. SAFE DRIFTING!!!

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How To Drift
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