Engine Managment System information and performance info for electronic fuel injected automobiles
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 What is a AEM Engine Managment System or EMS?

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PostSubject: What is a AEM Engine Managment System or EMS?   Fri Feb 08, 2008 1:37 pm

AEM’s Universal Programmable Engine Management System adapts to any vehicle using the company’s flying lead wiring harness and sensors (sold separately). In addition to the features found in our Plug & Play EMS, AEM’s Universal EMS also includes 10 independent, built-in peak & hold injector driver channels, direct drive ignition and dual wideband UEGO controllers. Peak & Hold injector drivers enable users to utilize low impedance injectors with a true 4/1 Peak & Hold injector drive circuit. The Direct Drive ignition feature allows users to drive a coil directly from the ECU without the need for an igniter or ignition module, and a wideband UEGO controller is an essential tuning tool that provides a 0-5 signal for monitoring and tuning air/fuel ratios (AFR) on heavily modified high-performance engines.

System is fully enabled—Never pay for upgrades!
Runs on Windows™ compatible software
Live help window eases tuning process
Free software updates on aempower.com
Fuel table automapping
Programmable traction control
Onboard 512kb datalogger
Up to 10 cylinder sequential fuel injection
10 independent peak & hold injector drivers
Direct drive ignition feature eliminates need for igniter or ignition module
On-board wideband UEGO controller
6 general-purpose outputs
7 definable switch inputs
Electronic boost control
Soft cut rev limiters
Two step launch control
Wet or dry nitrous control
Definable knock control
Full idle control
4 EGT inputs with fuel control
16/32 hybrid high speed processor
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What is a AEM Engine Managment System or EMS?
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